A perfect lady.


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Fabian Lau


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When I was given a new lease

on life

another´s expired.

Why he and not I?

Pure chance decides

who will stay

who will go

in the prime of life,

a new chance

or the final curtain.

I do not wonder

why I am still here.

I can only cry

at the loss

and know that I

could not have offered

my life for his.

But maybe it is

an illusion, my staying.

I too will go

one day, into nothing.

Tomorrow or ten years

from now.


Published May 2010, Pandora, VHS Frankfurt Literary Magazine


My dislike for a word

is complete when

from goosebumps

to grimace

I can´t refrain.

What does it mean?

Strike the pro

if you are a pro

keep the active

that´s all you need.

You will help

my face and skin

stay in place

and I thank you

from where my

heart resides,

for realizing when

a word says it all



A dream

Last night I dreamt

that I was well

Completely cured

of all ill

my blood all shiny

sparkling new

so my life

is saved

it was a dream

I hope

comes true


A Scottish Castle

Windswept hill, so few trees
fewer people still,
Brush low on the slopes
Exposed to the Wild you stand.

You don´t carry axe or shield
yet you fight a battle
of papers against
the lineage left to you.

The inner eye it sees,
blood on hardy brush,
spilled to own this rock amongst rocks
and to defend from some.

You ask why and who
and fear to want like them
the power they gained
over lives, so long ago.

You return the rock
to those whose ancestors
sweat turned the stone
and walk away free.


others get poetry.